• How We Started

    What do you get when a Spinal Touch therapist & instructor helps a graphic design artist out of pain and then teaches him how to do the technique? You get this awesome online course! With their passion for helping people, Judy & Doug came together to create Spinal Touch L.L.C. And they are just getting started with all the possibilities!

  • Trained & Certified by the Original

    Judy (Moss) Anderson was trained personally by Dr. Lamar Rosquist, D.C. as a Spinal Touch therapist. In 2009, she received her certificate to teach Spinal Touch from him, as well. Now, with the available online courses, we're excited that this technique can be performed all over the world so that people can find relief to their pain & discomfort.

  • Our Mission & Vision

    Our mission is to educate and inspire people (humanity) so they can help themselves & those they care about by
    re-establishing basic principles for a better everyday life - one student, one lesson and one precept at a time.

    Our vision is empower people to create an environment for a pain-free world.

Our Team

LMT, BCTMB, Therapist Judy (Moss) Anderson

My name is Judy (Moss) Anderson, LMT, BCTMB. I'm the owner of Ideal Bodyworks, LLC and now one of the owners of Spinal Touch LLC. I've been a massage therapist since 2003 and a Spinal Touch Instructor since 2009. However, I'm not your typical massage therapist. In fact, I don't even own any lotion. What I do is retrain muscles to create an environment so the body can get relief from pain by itself.

I've worked on thousands of clients from all over the world. From CEO's, Olympians, Celebrities (local and not so local) to construction workers, office workers, ballet dances to Moms, Dads & Kids. I've seen it all. My youngest clients are hour and a half old babies and my oldest is 102 years old.

I was trained personally by Dr. Lamar Rosquist as a Spinal Touch therapist. In 2009, I received my certificate as a Spinal Touch Instructor from him as well. Since that time, I've been helping and teaching thousands of people to get the pain-relief they have been looking for with the SpinalTouch+ Method.

Creative Director, Artist Douglas Larson

My name is Douglas Larson... artist, designer, painter, and recipient of SpinalTouch+! I partnered with Judy when presented the opportunity to help get the word out about this life-changing technique. Having spent decades running my own business creating fonts, illustrations, and other visual content, it was serendipitous meeting Judy and realizing that the world needed to know about this amazing method.

I have been able to put together all the illustrations, web design, presentations, print-outs, videos, animations and all other visuals for the training, in the hopes that people will be able to easily comprehend how to do the SpinalTouch+ Method for their loved ones and/or clients.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in illustration/design and went on to be involved in many creative ventures, including my latest project of painting portraits (www.inspirepaintings.com).