Do you know someone who is tired of being in pain?

Help those you care about get the
LONG-TERM PAIN RELIEF they're after!!

Unlike other modalities, the SpinalTouch+ Method retrains the muscles how to relax by themselves.

  • Simple Body Mechanics

    This technique improves the posture quickly which then creates a long-lasting effect for pain relief. Through a simple body mechanics technique, you can guide the body to straighten by itself.

  • Soft-Touch Technique

    There are no bone adjustments or weekly hour-long massage sessions involved. It is a non-invasive technique used to help with back and neck pain, as well as other problems associated with muscle tension.

Circulation is the Key

The SpinalTouch+ Method was developed to relax the postural muscles of the back so that the spine can align to its natural position. This allows circulation to flow freely so a person's body can return to and remain at its optimal state of health.

Our bodies are capable of regenerating. In order to do so, we need nutrients and circulation. When an area becomes injured, if circulation is present, the body will continually be building itself, allowing injuries to heal. When circulation is restricted, healing can be delayed or stopped entirely. Our bodies are meant to be relaxed when standing vertical. Because of the laws of balance and physics, any position other than vertical when standing requires tension, often in the back, to hold our body in place.

What Is Muscle Tension?

Postural injuries (anything that makes us compensate for pain by standing abnormally) cause muscle tension. When a muscle is tense, circulation to the tight area can be diminished or cut off completely. This can cause pain, numbness, and in severe cases tissue deterioration. In a situation of perfect health, after a postural injury is healed, all of the passive tension will disappear; but unfortunately, nobody seems to have perfect health, and often times it is necessary for us to seek relief from a qualified therapist before we can be totally out of pain and back in a natural stance.

Because the SpinalTouch+ Method works directly with relaxing the muscles, results can be seen almost immediately.

Easy to Learn Online!

What if you could learn these principles to help improve the life of your loved ones?

For centuries, basic principles that govern healthy living & easing pain have been passed down from generation to generation. Sadly, we're beginning to lose these simple truths.

Our Spinal Touch+ Method course provides you with the ease of convenient home learning and the knowledge of years of helping others. With the ability to progress at your own pace, you can master this technique to benefit yourself and your loved ones for years to come, through a powerful multi-media learning experience.

The SpinalTouch+ Method Course Training Outline

The series consists of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Here is what you will learn:


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